Find frequently asked questions:

1)How do I turn on the light?

  Answer: There is a white battery safety button at the bottom of the remote. Part of the setup steps is to push in the white button to activate the battery.  Once the button is pushed and the user picks up the GlowMote case the contact of your hand will turn on the light to illuminate the remote. 

2)Will it turn itself off?

  Answer: Yes, when the user puts down the GlowMote or after 10 seconds of being in the users hand the lights will turn off.  The next time the user puts down and then picks up the GlowMote it will re-illuminate the remote.

3) Is the remote hard to insert?

            Answer: Depending on the remote version it may be snug to account for slight differences in remote size. You can remove the Fire Stick battery cover and the remote will easily slide into the GlowMote.  The Fire Stick battery cover can be stored in a safe place for future use as it's not needed with the GlowMote.